Super Bowl vs. Kitten Bowl: The Real Battle

Before I begin, I have some great news: MY TABLET PEN HAS RETURNED TO ME! I was only without it for a week, but that week seemed to drag on forever. I may or may not have held the pen lovingly against my face as a choir of angels sang sweet tunes. I’m not exaggerating. It was that blissful.


That being said, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Otherwise known as: I’m not watching dudes throw a ball because the kitTEN BOWL IS TODAY AND THAT’S THE REAL DEAL. Yeah, sure. The dudes are wearing tight pants. Great. Woo hoo. But…HAVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE CATS ARE BECAUSE I THINK THAT’S A LITTLE MORE IMPORTANT. They’re always so fuzzy and they perform the halftime show at the Puppy Bowl. They’re so multi-talented. Anyone can throw the ol’ pigskin around. But not anyone can be a cat. You see where I’m going here? Huh? Huuuuh? Yeah you do.

Now, a SouperBowl Sunday is more my speed. But there is now way I’m doing any kind of traveling on this day. Oh no. I should have prepared..Bought some bread bowls and an assortment of soups so I have some delicious foods to watch while I stare at cats being adorable and my boyfriend silently judges me from hours away. My roommate would join me though. She accepts me. And also because cats. If people didn’t know better, they’d assume I’m a crazy cat lady. Maybe I will be, someday. Who knows? I can’t see into the future. That’d be really cool though. On a related tangent, I was supposed to make a prediction about the world in the next 100 years. I decided that cats would take over the world. Mostly because I thought it’d be hilarious to translate and read. Spoiler: I was right. The class got a kick out of it, including the teacher. For anyone who’s interested, here’s the romanization: 100(hyaku) nengo, neko ga sekai wo shihaishite iru deshou. I don’t know exactly where I was going with that. I was actually planning to write about the Super Bowl. I think I saw a hashtag on Twitter about the Kitten Bowl or something.

When it comes to sports, I know enough that I can have a favorite team and not appear to just be jumping on the bandwagon, which is awesome. However, it’s super easy for me to get confused and/or lost when watching the game. Mostly because I’m just trying to understand why certain players where given penalties. I have to give everyone I watch sports with credit; they’re always willing to help me understand. Bless them. Football-wise, I have 3 teams I like, though I stay proud of and true to my favorite, my number 1. I’m not entirely sure I want to share the three teams with you. It’d be more fun to leave you guessing…Leave you wondering and questioning your sanity. That actually sounds a bit narcissistic. Like…I doubt my football team choices really affect anyone. I will say that none of my teams are in the Super Bowl this year, so that knocks out the Panthers and Broncos. Though, panthers are a type of cat, so you’d think they’d be my favorite. I’m not that shallow though. I have some standards.

I totally think, in real life, that a panther could take down a horse. Just saying.


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