Valentine’s Day: Don’t be an Ass Today

Ok, so, this didn’t actually happen on Valentine’s Day,but I was out celebrating it yesterday and I just..When this happened, it was an immediate “This is what my blog will be about this week.”

Last night, my boyfriend took me out to dinner. We went to this really good restaurant that I absolutely adore. Seriously, the food is really good. As we’re waiting to be seated, there’s this family sitting on the bench across from us. There was one member of the family I just straight up didn’t like. There was no reason behind it either. Maybe it was just his face or the way he talked, but he opened his mouth and I was just like “lul nope.” One of the kids was annoying too, but that comes in later. These people just…They rubbed me the wrong way. I did my best to ignore them. After all, I was probably glaring at them without even realizing it.

Roger (my boyfriend) and I were seated after a fairly short wait. We ordered our drinks and appetizers and were just enjoying each other’s company when I heard a familiar voice. I didn’t want it to be true, but lo and behold, that same family was seated at the booth I was facing. So, now I was forced to look at some of them. But, oh well, right? They’re just there to enjoy family and good food, and I had no right to dislike them. They had done nothing wrong. EXCEPT THEY DID.

The annoying kid from earlier immediately starts smacking and pulling on the blinds while every other family member just lets him. The kid has to be like 5 or 6. I’d say 4 at the absolute youngest. The point being, he was old enough to know how to behave. And, if there was a reason he didn’t, then his parents should have calmed him down a bit. I get that he legitimately may have had some reason behind acting like this, so I wasn’t even angry at the kid. A little annoyed, yes, but definitely not angry. It was the parents I was a little peeved at. But, I chalked this up to “Let the kid be a kid,” and moved on. No. It was the grandpa of the family that really got me. Their waiter showed up and began to introduce himself, as they are supposed to do. Grandpa decides to just…Guffaw in the poor kid’s face. Immediately, the kid is like, “Great. I get THIS table. Fantastic.” I felt bad for him. Like..The deadpan look on his face just got to me.

We got our drinks and appetizers as the other family is ordering. Now, anyone with any sort of sense knows that, if a table has been seated before you and they already have their appetizers as you are ordering yours, chances are you’re not going to get your food at the same time as them. Apparently, this particular table, namely the grandpa, lacks sense. Shortly after that table had ordered, they received their appetizers. Pretty good service, considering how busy the restaurant was. Everything was going great. Roger and I were enjoying delicious cheese fries for about 10 minutes before we were given our meals. At this point, it had been approximately 15-20 minutes after The Table had ordered. Their waiter- we’ll call him Craig – came back to refill drinks and take away empty plates. Grandpa looked over the booth and saw that we already had our food. Apparently, this wasn’t acceptable. He then loudly proclaims “Where’s our food?!” This wasn’t a genuine question, like he was concerned because they’d been waiting long or because there were kids at the table. Oh no. He said this because Roger and I had our food already. It’s almost like we’d been seated before them! Isn’t that crazy? Craig then had to explain that the kitchen has to plate the food and put it on a tray before the servers can touch it, so he was waiting on that and then the food would be out. Grandpa then continued to talk in a tone of voice that suggested Craig should feel honored to be waiting on them and that Craig needed to thank him, since Grandpa had so kindly blessed Craig with his presence. When The Table was given food, I could hear the family complaining that we had gotten our food first when “those kids had only been here 10 minutes before us, and it’s just them. We have small kids with us!” After we left, Roger and I got to talking and we both realized that the family probably didn’t even give Craig a good tip, if they tipped at all.

In case you’re that family, and you happen to read this, THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. You are NOT entitled to your food before anyone else simply because you have small children. If a table is seated before you, unless there’s a mistake with their order, they will get their food first. Instead of being pretentious, be happy you can afford to go out.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and quite being an ass or my foot is going up yours. (Was that too far? Probably. Am I erasing it? Heck no! I LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE!)


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