Taking The High Road (Or How Courtney and I Almost Wrecked)

That’s quite the title isn’t it? Thank you! I worked so hard on it! Oh, you don’t like it? That’s fine. You can have your opinion. It’s wrong, but you can have it. (I’m just kidding please don’t leave).

Let me first say that we didn’t take the high road in the usual sense. Instead, we were literally driving on a high road. There’s a road in our apartment complex that sits on a hill, thus making parts of it higher than others. See what I did there? Ugh I’m so clever sometimes. I just can’t help it. Anyway, back to my story. We were heading back towards our apartment and, as she should, Courtney slowed down to check for any oncoming cars. WELL OUR NEW FRIEND DIDN’T OKAY?! Oh no. He comes flying around the corner, going well over the posted speed limit for that road. The roads around our complex are a little weird, so feel free to stare at the diagram below as you read. I don’t know how you’ll stare at it and read at the same time, but y’all are talented. I believe in you.


The red arrows indicate the road(s) that are one-way, and the star is where this accident almost took place. So, this dude – we’ll call him Kevin- is just driving like a bat out of Hell. I don’t know Kevin’s life, so I am not here to pass judgement. I’m just here to pass some knowledge. Kevin, sweet, sweet Kevin, if you’re turning a corner and you can’t see the road clearly enough to search for oncoming traffic, SLOW THE F*CK DOWN. JEEZE MAN. You could have caused a serious accident! Just because the road you’re on is a one-way, that doesn’t mean the one you’re turning onto is! YOU’VE BEEN LIVING HERE MAN. YOU SHOULD KNOW! You had to have been going at least 25-30 mph. Like, come on dude. And if you can’t be bothered to slow down, at least turn onto the correct side of the street.

You have to give Courtney and myself credit though. As this was happening, neither one of us screamed or squealed or did any stereotypical girl things. Instead, Courtney pressed on  her brakes more and said, “Oh, shit” as I silently pointed to Kevin’s blue car. There were maybe 3 inches in between the two cars. We had a 5 second stare-down before both cars began to back up. Being the gentleman he is, Kevin let us pass by before attempting to continue his journey. The entire conversation between Courtney and myself pretty much boiled down to: “If he had hit us, it would have been his fault and I would have been SO SALTY.” – Courtney

And honestly, it would have been his fault. There aren’t any signs or anything, but anyone with any kind of driving knowledge or prowess knows to turn onto the correct side of the street, slow down, and ALWAYS LOOK FOR ONCOMING TRAFFIC. YOU HEARING THIS KEVIN? HUH!?


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