An Accurate Description of Me

Alright look. It’s been a while. I know that, and I can recognize it. I can appreciate the amount of time it’s been too. But hey. I’ve been legitimately busy. And I’m also extremely lazy and really good at procrastinating.

I don’t remember if I said that in an earlier post, but it’s true. I’ll get so caught up in other things that I’ll let smaller things slip through the cracks. It doesn’t matter how many times I remind myself, or tell myself I won’t let it happen; it still does. And I’ve come to accept it. It’s something that I have to work on, but I’m lazy sooo….

Basically, there’s about to be a spam of posts over the next few days. Like…8 or 9 posts. Hahaha…Ha…ha..*Ahem.* So, while I sort through this mess I call a life, enjoy this very accurate drawing I did of myself. I think you’ll all agree that it describes me perfectly.


Totally worth it, right?