Remember Me?

So, I’m a horrible person. I’m pretty sure my last post said I was going to be mass posting, and yet, here we are…With no new posts until the beginning of August. Doing this thing right! Woo hoo!

Basically, I’ve just been frantically searching for a job this summer. Through reasons I won’t get into, I’m actually about $700 poorer than I had initially planned on being this summer, so trying to pay bills and rent is turning out to be near impossible. And it’s not like I’m not looking for work. I am, it’s just that every place I apply, I get an interview and they say they’ll call me with a yes or no, and I never hear from them. I actually have to call them and basically be like, “what to heck?” to get an answer out of them. That’s not something I should have to do. If they say they’ll call me with a yes or no, then they should do it. It just reflects badly on them in my opinion.

I’ve had art commissions open for a while now, but that hasn’t really gone anywhere. It’s not like I’m bad at art, either. I’m actually really proud of how far my art has come. I’ll even put all the sheets in here so you can see all the differences.


Like, I’m no Michelangelo or Raphael, but I’m not that bad either! I’m not usually one to pat myself on the back and say how good I am, but if you could see some of my old stuff…You know what? I’ll put some of those in, too! Heck it!


I MEAN, COME ON! I’ve definitely improved! Just…Just look at the comparison. That’s nothing to sneeze at. So, I think really, I just don’t have that wide of a reach, and with my senior year of college starting soon, I don’t know how I’ll be able to broaden said reach.

I don’t even remember what the point of this post was. I just ended up complaining and saying how confused I am. So…pretty much every other post and day of my life.


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