What is This and Why am I Here?

Holy. Shit.

Ok, I’m gonna be straight with you guys: I forgot this thing existed.

In one of my previous posts, I believe I stated this was for a college class? Maybe? (I won’t go back and check. I’m not going to lie and say I will. You can, if you want. But not me, baby. I live for the now.) But I really do like this this. I feel this is a constructive way to release all of my pent-up rage and depression without, you know, hurting anyone’s feelings. Because I’m kind of a bitch.

Think of this post as my way of saying “Hey. How’s it going?” I graduate college in 3 days (FUCKING SHIT MAN), so I’m hoping I can be more active here. I’ve got plenty of stories I can tell, and I’m pretty much always complaining. Plus I have a dog and he’s a gem. He’s also kind of dumb, but he’s the best good boy I’ve ever seen. Here’s a picture because I’m that kind of person.


I’m not even going to resize it. HE’S THAT GOOD. HE DESERVES THE OVER-SIZED IMAGE. I always pictured my first pet as a cat, but this boy is too pure. This has quickly devolved into a “LOOK AT MY DOG THIS PURE SWEET GOOD BOY” post. My bad.

I’m off to write a 15+ page essay about the representation of women in video games. If I survive, you can look forward to another post soon.



Probably me complaining.