Hello College My Old Friend

Aaaaaahhh, college. Some argue that these are the best years of your life, as opposed to high school or, you know, any other day of your life. As a student who has to take out multiple loans and work all the time to even get close to being able to afford living, high school was and is a paradise. Treasure it.¬†Yes, you get a lot more freedom with your schedule in college, but at this point, many people I know move out and their parents either can’t or won’t help them. This is fine. After all, we’re adults. We got this.

What many of us don’t got (intentional bad grammar) is the knowledge we need to be adults. I’m not bashing parents in anyway. According to my mom, she assumed we were being taught things like how to file taxes and balance a checkbook in school, since that’s where she learned it. And perhaps some of you did. In that case, congratulations! You’re a real adult! And I’m jealous.

I can balance a checkbook fine (it’s just basic math and keeping track of purchases), but file for taxes? Apply for loans? Buy a car/house? Try to rent an apartment? All these things seem easy when we’re young, but let me tell you something: This is a fucking nightmare.

I can’t remember the last time I was this stressed. With my classes, I can only work part-time. This means I get minimum wage jobs. I don’t get refund checks anymore. My tuition takes all of the money I get from loans and scholarships. I don’t make enough to survive. And if I do get money back (bless this semester), I still barely have enough to pay the price of living.

I’d work more hours, except I can’t. My design classes require at least 20 hours of work per step per project PER WEEK. I’m in three design classes, each having a minimum of two steps per project each week. Some classes have more than one project at the same time. I need roughly 140 hours a week just for homework. I also need to find time to draw and get my name out there as an illustrator etc. I also need to sleep, factor in class time, and work time. So. let’s do some quick math. There are about 168 hours a week (or 7 x 24). I work about 22 hours a week. Add that to the amount of homework time I need and you get 162. Now, I’m still supposed to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night or my designs aren’t as good and I don’t do good at my job. That’s 56 hours of sleep (8 x 7). Now we’re sitting pretty at 218. I won’t even add in the class time because I’ve already made my point. I don’t have enough time.I have, however, heard of a new job that pays more than minimum wage, and I’d work a little less. I’d get weekends and holidays off, something I don’t get now. And that’d be a plus.

To those of you who are students and do more shit than me and have this on lock, HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO IT!? And good job my dude! You really do got this! You deserve some recognition and appreciation.