Time to Personalize

So, I’ve had the same basic layout for my blog since I started. I like the layout and the way things flow, but that banner image? Yikes. It made sense at first, but then I changed my typeface and now, though I do like the image, it makes me seem like a cultured world traveler or some nonsense and I’m not. I’ve never even left the United States. So, it’s time to personalize some details.

Creating a header image out of the blue will take some time. I want it to reflect not only me, but my blog too. That’s the easy part. All my blog is: me complaining, forgetting it exists, and random art posts. I’m not a beauty blogger or a food blog (oh man I wish..Food is amazing. I miss you, carbs….), so any creative header ideas I have can’t be used. Those are the blogs I think about, and none of them are mine. So, I could draw a banner image. That doesn’t seem too hard. What’s hard is figuring out what to put in it. Realistically, it would make sense to have it look almost like one of my comic pages. Or simply a drawing of me working on it (I have an…Interesting work method and thought process). I would honestly like to make all of my social media match, so what I use here will get used on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitch, etc. That’s a lot to consider, and that’s part of the reason it hasn’t actually been done yet. I’ve been trying to make a new banner for months. I mean, look at my Twitter banner. All it says is my dog makes funny faces.


Yeah, it’s cute, but it doesn’t really represent what I do and who I am. Does that make any sense? I honestly may just be rambling at this point, but I know what I need to do. I need to start focusing more on what I want my branding to be and slowly start changing it. My profile icon is the same throughout everything (minus Facebook), so I’ve got that done. It’ll definitely take some time, but I know it’s something I need to do. So, until then, I apologize for how basic this looks.

Now, I need to go wash the lightening treatment out of my hair, so until next time, you beauties.


Time to Get to It

Boy. These last two months have been one heck of a ride.  I moved out of my old apartment and in with my boyfriend, I actually have a job (sort of — but more on that later), I’ve started cutting carbs, and I just turned twenty-four. Things seem to be going pretty well, right? Well, they are. For the most part, anyway.

Cutting carbs has made me the crankiest person I’ve ever met and I bless the patience my boyfriend has. He has been a saint through all of this and I count myself up there with the lucky ones. That being said, have any of you ever tried cutting carbs? That shit is HARD! Like, I never knew how much I loved and adored them until I decided to say goodbye. Thankfully I can already see results or I’d have given up (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) and let the carbs back into my arms and my heart. As it stands, I go five days a week low carb and the other two days low calorie, except for yesterday. It was my birthday and I deserved delicious food.

Low carb may be helping me look and feel better, but it makes the wallet feel awful. But, this is the perfect segway (is that even right? I have no idea if I’ve ever typed that word before..) into… Job talk! I warned you that it was coming. I technically have two jobs, though only one gives me a paycheck as of now. And even that’s scarce. Allow me to elaborate. I have a web comic (you can find it here: https://tapas.io/series/Life-With-Gremlins ) that I’ve been planning for a few months now. It’s actually not that complex, but it took a long time to find an art style like I both like and allows me to mass produce pages in I need to. That’s the job that doesn’t give me a pay check, but I hope someday I’ll make a little something from it. Regardless, I absolutely love making it and don’t see myself stopping.

Now, the job I have that actually pays is a little random with scheduling. I’m a painting instructor at one of those fancy “drink wine and paint” places. I’ve had the job for about a month and I’ve only taught once. My job depends on classes getting booked and then not getting canceled. Ideally, I’ll make a good impression on some of the people I teach and they’ll start requesting me, and that’ll lead to more teaching opportunities. This would, of course, lead to more money, and that makes everyone happy.

Let’s see..What else is going on? I’m visiting family in less than a month, and that’s always a fun time. Uuuhh…Oh! I’m coloring my hair a fun color again. I’ve had a natural brown for a while but I just want to do something CRAZY again! So, after the help of some of my lovely Twitter friends, I have chosen the color green! I’m actually in the lightening process now, so I’m crazy excited for that.

Well, I can’t remember anything else I needed or wanted to say, so I’ll end this with a page from my comic for your enjoyment. Until next time, you lovely people.

Time To Hire a Babysitter